Our Solutions

Solar Planet offers the solutions to usher in the energy movement. Our goals are simple, help Kansas and Missouri residents save money and make the world a better place with clean energy. Our core services can be broken down into 3 sections:

  • Energy Review
  • Financing Options
  • Installation

You can read more about these services below!

Energy Review

Provide us with some simple details such as location and energy usage now. Then we give you a detailed proposal of how you can join the clean energy movement.

Solar Eligibility

From rural farms, to Kansas City Metro residences, and commercial businesses you are most likely a good solar candidate. We will help you determine how successful solar will be on your property. If your home or business gets sun, you can contact us to see if your property would benefit from a solar upgrade. Our Energy Review costs nothing and can save you money.

Finance and Rebates

Solar Planet offers indirect financing through partnerships with local Credit Unions and banks that offer the lowest rates for flexible short or long-term loans, and options with zero out of pocket expense.

Federal Tax Credits

As the property owner, you will also qualify for a 30% federal tax rebate. Now is the time to declare your energy independence!


Solar Planet’s installation can be broken down into 3 distinct steps.

Design System

After completing the Energy Review, we will have all of the necessary metrics and measurements to design a solar system that is perfect for your home or business.

Install and Inspect

We finish most installations in less than 3 days. After the installation is complete, we will work with local officials to make sure that your new system passes all of the required inspections.

Utility Net Metering

Solar installations can often generate more electricity than your property can utilize. In these cases, you may benefit further by setting up net metering with your local utility provider. These rules vary by state, so we will help you get set up with the right plan. This will help ensure optimal savings over time. After completing these steps, all that’s left to do is start saving money!

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